The program we offer for individuals is made for people who are ready for change. People who find themselves stuck in an undesirable situation. This shows for example in problems at work, difficulties in relationships, deterioration in self-care and could be labeled as burn-out, depression or anxiety issues.
It can help to step out of this situation for a moment. Not only to find space and rest, but to create the momentum to initiate change. That is the reason we organize Vakantietherapie. The most important ingrediënts of Vakantietherapie are nature, sunlight, rythm, getting to work, relaxation vs exertion, silence, coaching and healthy food.

The program
You are able to fill in your own Vakantietherapie program. Because we believe you do feel what you really need, we divided what we are able to offer into elements of choice. You use these elements to compose your personal program. Then we talk over your program (through skype or the like) to see if we are able to organize the program the way you composed it. A Vakantietherapie program takes at least 2 weeks. We are not available on thursdays and sundays.

Below, you’ll find an example of a filled in program. The blocks from 10 am – 14 pm and from 16 pm – 19 pm are to be filled in the way you like. The siësta means rest. You can choose to let us cook for you or not and wether you eat by yourself or together with other guests. You decide the amount of personal/free time you want and how you spend it. Just leave that time blank in your program.
Acceptance, Strengthwork and Coaching takes 1 -1,5 hours each time. To all elements applies that there is much space for flexibility and spontaneity, given the personal nature of our contact with you when you’re here. It means there are lots of possibilities as long as we are consulted.
The elements are further illustrated below the example program.

Our locations lie amidst wonderful walking paths. Walking is the best way to explore the diverse environment.
Free yourself from negative emotions that you experience.
Together we inventory your strengths inyour current situation and make a personal action plan.
Solution focused coaching:
We explore the possibilities, exceptions of the problem and solutions to see what works for you. You are going to experience more grip and feel competent to live life the way you want to.
Daily aware:
Zoom in on your lifestyle. Become more aware of habits and patterns that have slipt in and wherein the small things can make a big difference.
Work in the gardens around the houses or in the vegetable gardens.
Bigger jobs that are more physically demanding. For example pruning, making new gardens, watering and building.
Begin the new day in the fresh morning air with a healthy portion of movement, with appropiate challenge.
Let us take care of a healthy lunch, with preferably products from our own gardens or from local farmers. If prefered vegetarian, fully ecologically etc.
Creative workshops that are organized in collaboration with local professionals. Think about paiting, dance, ceramics. When you apply with us, we give you an overview of the current offer.

Elements with this star * are outside the price of the program.

Process and method
The process consists of more than just the program. We will meet, you fill in a questionnaire, work through the program and we offer aftercare. Besides that, ‘anchoring’ is like the backbone of the process. Anchoring ensures that Vakantietherapie does not stand alone. The things you do, experience and decide are connected to your everyday life at home. We do this not only by working with you in a way that promotes self sufficiency, but also by involving an important person that is close to you, your Anchor. Your Anchor should be someone that can help you in the direction you want to go and thus needs to meet certain criteria. We will get into this when we meet.
Moreover, we recommend you keep some sort of diary of the time you are here.
Here you’ll find more info about the different components of the Vakantietherapie process as mentioned above.
For insight in our method of working, click here.

The costs of the program depend on the length of your Vakantietherapie. A 2 week program is €350, 3 weeks is €500, 4 weeks is €650. A more extensive program is possible. In that case, we consult about the price.

For more practical information (accomodation options, possible questions) you can click here.