About the logo

In the logo, the letters V and T of VakantieTherapie or Vacation Therapy are visualized in the stems of the flowers. The stems originate from the same place, but each carry a different flower. This is symbolic for the way we look at a family system. Every family member is part of the system and shares the same origin. But everybody’s different and has his/her own colour and characteristics that are unique to that person. To us it seems a worthy aim that everyone, in it’s own way, becomes a healthy and blooming flower.

In addition, the symbolism of the flowers is applicable to the goals we pursue with Vakantietherapie.
– we want to plant a seed: while you are here with us we want to start a process of change that, with the right care and attention, can mature in a sustainable and independent way.
– we want to nourish: we will share idea’s, have new insights together and become aware of those things we chose to feed ourselves with (what is your focus, what fills your mind, what motivates you?).
Рwe want to prune: or rather, you will be the one doing the pruning, whereby we will offer suggestions how and where to cut to come to fuller bloom.