Is your holiday the pinnacle of the year because you are unsatisfied about daily life?
Can you only unwind when you are on a break?
Do you experience trouble in your family life, but can’t you find the time and energy to tackle these problems?
Do you react to each other in ways that set a negative spiral in motion?
Do you have (or had) professional help to face the challenges of family-life, but is it not producing the results you hoped for?
Are you confronted with your own shortcomings and does it have a negative impact on family-members?
Do you and your partner disagree on important matters (parenting, relationships, values and norms) and can’t you find your way out of this?

Do you recognize any of this?
We are sure there is great care and coaching available near to you. Yet, Vakantietherapie, can be of complementary value.

We believe it has many advantages when you take time off to have the opportunity to work intensively with the whole family-system. But finding the time for this can be quit difficult because of work, school, (social) obligations…in other words; daily life.

Holiday can be a real break away from this all for the whole family. Holiday on itself does have ‘therapeutic value’. Suddenly there’s more time and attention for each other. The change in environment sheds new light on things, your head goes empty and you can reflect on your own and others doings from another perspective. Also, you escaped daily hassle, which can help you act more conscious. Sometimes, there even arise new, good intentions that shape the will to do things differently from now on.
But often when you come home you’re ‘back on track’. You relapse into the same way of thinking and doing that is so normal to you. Which isn’t strange or bad..unless this means that things you want to do different for yourself, your partner or children, are put off and will stay the same.

That is why we consider a holiday to be an ideal moment to start a process of change. A moment you are more open to change, to gain new insights, make explicit agreements with each other, set long term goals that result in solutions on the short term. To go from destructive to constructive.