We are located in the south of Spain, in the province Andalusia, on the outskirts of the highest mountains of Spains, the Sierra Nevada. This area is called La Alpujarra Granadina and is known for it´s Moorish heritage, century-old canals with water from the melted snow, natural watersprings, green terraced mountainssides, white villages and extraordinary mix of Spaniards and migrants. Because of it’s location the area has been quite isolated for a long time, making it seem as if time has stood still.
Nowadays it is easily accessible, making it possible to get to the Moorish city of Granada in the North or the warm coast in the South within just an hour. If you travel a little longer you are in the desert of Tabernas in the East or the coastal town of Malaga (Airport) in the West.
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We live in a small riverside village, where a Spanish community blends together with migrants from over 10 different nationalities. People live here in houses, yurts (tent from Mongalia), caravans, campers, tipi’s, chalets, you name it. It’s a colorful whole because of the diversity of people and ways of living.
We are learning to live together as people and with nature in a permaculture fashion. Permaculture means humans and nature work together with the aim of a harmonious survival of both. Creating a living environment that is ecologically sustainable and economically stable. Complex ecosystems from nature serve as examples and principles ‘from the wild’ are applied in the design of our immediate environment.

Permaculture fits particularly well to the philosophy and methodology behind  Vakantietherapie. It is systemic thinking, it’s about (dis)functional patterns and is holistic, wich means we look at the whole in conjunction to see our place in the solution rather than the problem.