About us

Laura en Jesse Verboom are the people creating Vacantiontherapy.

Since september 2015 we live in the vicinity of Órgiva, in the mountains of the Spanish province Andalusia. From an alley in Utrecht (Holland) to the mountains of Spain. From a little house to a yurt (Mongolian tent). From city-life to living on an olive orchard. Certainly there’s a story behind that.

In Holland we worked as psychologist in coaching youth and pedagogue in parental-support. We noticed the overlap in the content side of our jobs. As well as in the way of working, the qualities and the pitfalls, the strengths and the limitations in the practice of our work. We enjoyed and learned from our daily work. However, both of us had the growing wish to work together and find a suitable form in which we can support others.
Besides that, we had a daughter in the spring of 2012. Imma was born and so was our family. We were now also parents. This was a spectacular experience that change our daily lives and made us look at the world from a different perspective. Our ever dormant dream to live somewhere else, in a different way, was woken up slow but steadily. This was stimulated by our filling agenda’s. We both worked, had a family life and liked to spend some time with friends and family too. We became aware that the least ‘qualitime’ was eventually spend with the ones we would really like to spend most time with..our partner and our daughter.

So we decided to investigate our dream, migrate to Spain and develop our own way of working. During this period we had a son, Joas.

From this dream, VacationTherapy evolved. Our ideaal in together supporting the family life of others. Later we created a program for individuals based on similar ideas. To offer preventive and approachable support to parents-to-be, we made an online course, Bewust Verwachten (only in Dutch). Locally we offer parental support, small events for families and solution focused (hiking)coaching. In doing so, we became more and more aware of the fact we focus mainly on (young/starting) family life, and every individual in it. For us, everything life has to offer happens in there. And all elements we like to occupy ourselves with professionally: romantic relationship/partnership, family-systems, parent-child relationships, development, communication, pedagogy, psychology, and what not…

VacationTherapy is developing. We became part of Familia ESTÁ in 2018. Check the website to know more about the association through which we aim to contribute to the wellbeing of families and family members with or without special needs. What made it start, still is there: the program for families (& couples) and individuals. However, nowadays you can address us for several-day walking coaching, STEP-OUT weekends and weeks and regular events in collaboration with other professionals.
And…our family has grown just a bit more! 2nd of October 2016 our son Levi was born.


Laura studied pedagogy, worked as family coach, giving parenting support to parents and families in social relief and woman shelters. Laura is a certified Aware Parenting Instructor.

Jesse studied psychology, worked as psychologist/coach with high potential dropouts who are (barely) not able to go to school and with their parents, who are often desperate. He is enthusiastic about practical, systemic and solution focused work. Jesse is a member of the EBTA (European Brief Therapy Association).