Vacationtherapy is your usual vacation with your family, with a program focused on awareness and change woven through that quality time. On this page we introduce and elucidate our Family-program. For a larger image of the example-program, just click the picture below.

We consciously say example-program, because this is what we designed. Which is not necessarily as it should be. When you consider Vakantietherapie, but you would like to start every morning with an activity and from lunch/ siësta on you would like to go your own way, then that is very well possible (when our agenda permits us to adjust to your wishes).

Application, meeting and goals
When you get in touch with us because you want to use the program, we start planning. We would also like to get to know you a little and know some about you and your family. We will ‘meet’ through Skype or the like to break the ice. Next, you will receive a questionnaire that will help us get some insight of your current situation, needs and wishes. And we hope you have some question for us too! In response to the information we receive from you, we will have email-contact to generate a clear goal of your vacationtherapy and create realistic expectations.

We’ve already mentioned there’s lots of space to sort out the components of Vakantietherapie in a way that you like. But for the convenience we just take the above program as example here, in which we organize the activities every other day. You can spend the other days however you like.
And we especially like the time off, when there is just people like you and us meeting each other, exchanging thoughts and interest in a personal and equal fashion. That is the strength of the vacationtherapy setting, in which there is time for this kind of contact.
About the different components of the program, we would like to say a bit more:

Working together
The time that you are here we work together (on one or more projects, big or small). These can be different projects on the Familia ESTÁ estate. When we say projects, think about working the gardens, pruning trees, repairing things, picking almonds…you name it. As long as it is something you think is useful and fun. With small(er) children, think of this component as playing together. Little children also like to contribute and join in with their parents.
Together you are doing whatever, making things visible. How do you communicate? How are you connected? What happens when things go prosperous and what when things get difficult? This will give us all useful insights.

Individual moment / assignment
‘After connecting to each other, it is time to connect with yourself’. What just happened when working together? How did you experience this? What did you like and what not? A moment of rest, reflection and awareness.
We could give you an assignment, as a family. Or, when we consider it useful, we think of something appropriate and personal for just one or every person.

‘It is one of those simple but beautiful paradoxes of life: when a person feels that he is truly accepted by another, as he is, then he is free to move from there and to begin to think about how he wants to change, how he wants to grow, how he can become different, how he might become more of what he is capable of being.’

― Thomas Gordon

Feedback is a moment of sharing. This isn’t always easy and will deliver the challenges you came for. Consider this an exercise in communicating; recognizing patterns, listening, recognizing yourself and the other and connecting to yourself and the other. To do this there needs to be trust in each other and us. The material delivered by working together on projects and the individual assignments will form the input for the feedback.

Of course, when doing the designing and execution of the program, we will take into account the actual family-composition. The moments of feedback will be different when it involves young kids as compared to doing this with teenagers.

We don’t see your departure as the finish. We will evaluate together what the program has given you and talk about what changes you want to carry through. We assume that at least your perspective on certain matters has changed and theme’s (with associated keywords) have emerged or have clarified. It is important to give these things a place in your thinking and handling when everyday life continues. To facilitate this, each one of you has worked on a reminder throughout Vakantietherapie: a physical reminder that helps him/her to continue what’s helpful and functional. More about this when you arrive 🙂
We will write you a report and if desired we consult with caregivers at home, to help the result of Vakantietherapie to be included into processes that are ongoing or starting.
Moreover, we will be available for contact over email and skype.

The total costs of Vakantietherapie depend on multiple factors, because they are a sum of the costs for travel, accomodation and program. A 2 week program is €550, 3 weeks is €750, 4 weeks is €950. A more extensive program is possible. In that case, we consult about the price.
For example: family with 2 kids, 2 weeks of Vakantietherapie with stay in an apartment of Familia ESTÁ, rental car and round trip flight: approximately 2000 euro.

For more practical information (accomodation options, possible questions) you can click here.