Here we answer questions that are asked frequently.
This page is updated now and then, when new info arises.

What is your target-group?
First, we started VacationTherapy focussing on parents and families. Families, in the most comprehensive sense of the word, from couples to families with kids up to the age of 14-15 years old. Older kids aren’t less welcome, but we reckon they might not go on holiday with their parents anymore.
When we think of families who might benefit from VacationTherapy, we think of: blended families (after divorce or decease), families in which one or more members suffer (mental- and/or behavioral-) problems for which no suitable support has been found. Young families of which the parents struggle with parenting questions or realize they haven’t found enough closure of their own upbringing. Couples who want to have children, but also feel doubts. Families in which kids and/or parents created a dynamic together in which tensions grow and no constructive way is found to deal with this. Etc.
In short: families who are experiencing difficulties in living together and parenting.

Next, we created a program for individuals who are sensing they need to create the momentum to make lasting changes in their life. People who are stuck in negative patterns that result in, for example, complaints like depression, burn-out, relational problems. As with families, factors that play a role are systemic/relational in essence and are about connection, trust, acknowledgement and (un)conditionality

How is VacationTherapy financed?
We assume participants finance VacationTherapy from their own resources. Unfortunately this means VacationTherapy is only possible for a select group of people. On the other hand, we offer VacationTherapy independent of labels, health insurance companies (and their criteria) and handle our own documentation.
We are trying to ensure that VacationTherapy is affordable for a wide range of people, by searching for funds and collaborations with health insurances and organizations that work with the same target-group. Nevertheless..maybe now you know a good destination for your vacation bonus?!

Why would we travel to the South of Spain for this?
First of all Andalusia is great for vacation, right?!
We believe that leaving your everyday environment creates extraordinary space and opportunities. In general a lot of effort has been put into creating effective methods of treatment and local support is potentially effective when time, attention and energy is put into it by everyone involved. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, attention and energy the support at home, often produces less positive results than expected.
With VacationTherapy we want to create the conditions in which interventions have a greater impact. That starts with the context of vacation, in which much distraction is left behind and participants are free to put more time, energy and attention into therapy and each other.

Is VacationTherapy possible only during school holidays?
Not at all. We are available throughout the year, depending on our agenda.
But of course, for families with kids in the school-going ages, it is most practical to organize Vakantietherapie mostly during holidays. But we can image it is possible to make special arrangements with school, work and/or social workers who might be involved to create opportunities outside regular holidays.

What is offered by the location?
The area (La Alpujarra) is great for relaxing in the sun, snow or sea. But also offers many opportunities for (active) trips like horse-riding, walking and cycling.
Within a daytrip from our location there is a great diversity of things to do. A large part of the year it is possible to be skiing in the morning and lying on the beach later on that same day. For more tourist info on the region, click here.